Smash+Grab Free Beta weekend starts on September 9

The recently announced Smash+Grab will have a Free Beta Weekend soon, starting on September 9 and lasting until the 11th.

Gamers can try out the new team-based melee action game before its Early Access release later this month.


Beta participants from around the world will face-off online as rival gangs, battling for loot, weapons and infamy in the closed-off shopping districts of a dystopian future.


Gamers will try to be the first to reach a $50,000 haul in 15 minutes in the Free Beta’s featured game mode. Every match will let them use the looted materials to craft new weapon mods, and teamwork will be essential to any gang trying to take over the streets of Union Bay for themselves.


This 3-day free event will be open to anyone with a valid Steam Beta key. Keys are limited in quantity and are now available via United Front Games’ official partners listed here. Secure your key before it’s too late!

Smash+Grab is launching on Steam Early Access this September. For more information, check out

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