SpellForce 3: Versus Coming to PC for Free Next Week

THQ Nordic revealed today that SpellForce 3: Versus, a free to play take on the series’ multiplayer mode, will launch on November 3rd, along with the Fallen God expansion.

This Versus edition will be 100% free (with no microtransactions, ads or anything of the sort), and it will let players skirmish against an AI opponent or take part in ranked multiplayer combat versus another human opponent (who could be playing SpellForce 3: Versus, the base SpellForce 3 game, Soul Harvest or Fallen God, as the Versus edition can connect to all of those).

Here’s a handy chart showcasing the differences between each SpellForce 3 version:

Fans who wish to be able to choose their faction in Versus, but don’t want the rest of the content that comes with the base game and its expansions can choose to purchase a Multiplayer Upgrade pack for US$14.99, which includes the Humans, Orcs, Dwarves, Dark Elves, Trolls and Elves.

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