Star Citizen Alpha 2.6 Now Available in the Live Servers

Star Citizen‘s highly anticipated Alpha 2.6 release is now out of the PTU, bringing the Star Marine module to the live servers, among other new features. Roberts Space Industries also announced that they will use Amazon’s Lumberyard engine to power the ambitious space simulator title instead of the customized edition of CryENGINE that the team had been using until now.

Star Citizen Alpha 2.6 is now available for all backers! Alpha 2.6 includes the first iteration of Star Marine, our dedicated FPS module, as well as significant updates to the rest of the Star Citizen experience. Star Marine offers two game modes that will give you a taste of first person combat in the ’verse while a new Pirate Swarm game mode has been added to Arena Commander and a grand total of eight new ships are available in the PU. The patch also includes a major spaceflight balance pass, a brand new menu system, as well as dozens of bug fixes, quality of life improvements and other changes. The Alpha 2.6 patch is now available for download via the Star Citizen launcher.

As it’s always the case with Alpha releases, gamers should expect to encounter many bugs and unexpected issues.


Known issues with the 2.6 Alpha release:

Star Systems:

  • There are several locations in the Aeroview hangar where characters can see through the terrain collision.

Game Systems:

  • Players in a party will be separated after finishing a multiplayer game. You will have to re-form parties after a match.
  • There are rare situations where a character may appear to be sprawled on the floor at a strange angle after EVAing into a ship that they don’t own. This only affects some clients who are viewing that specific character, and doesn’t affect the user personally.
  • REC weapons and components are currently not appearing in the Port Modification app, and cannot be equipped to ships.

Arena Commander

  • Squadron battle in Arena Commander is not balancing teams properly.
  • If players join an Arena Commander match as it is ending, they will be placed in a “phantom match” that no other players can join.
  • Clients who were on “Team 2” in a public game may be placed in a invisible “Team 2” on returning to the Lobby.
  • The matchmaking server is not always recognizing different map selections for race mode, causing players to be matched into a different map then the one selected.


  • Entering the Aurora while another pilot is entering the pilot seat causes the pilot to snap outside the cockpit.
  • The Constellation (all variants) have misaligned turret entrance/exit animations.
  • Players will sometimes fall through the Constellation Andromeda after accessing the lifts.
  • Co-pilot seat controls for the Freelancer have been temporarily removed, until the ability to pass ship control to a separate player is implemented.
  • The M50 in AstroArmada is missing its main thrusters.
  • The lower deck bed on the Retaliator does not have a “Use” prompt.
  • If a turret copilot exits the seat as the pilot is entering/exiting the ship, they will get stuck and be unable to exit the ship.

First Person:

  • Character helmets can disappear in Crusader at cruise speed or certain distances.
  • Characters can sometimes appear invisible after respawning.
    • Respawning a second time will generally resolve it.

User Interface:

Ship HUD

  • The pitch invert options do not work with turrets, while camera view is on the default turret camera.
  • The “look” reticle will sometimes get stuck when firing weapons, causing gimbaled weapons to fire in a direction other than intended.
  • A duplicate ship hologram will sometimes appear overlaid on the ship status HUD.
  • The PWR screen of ship HUD is missing item labels.


  • When playing with SLI enabled, loading into a new map causes the screen to flicker for approx 10 seconds.
  • Spawning a Starfarer will sometimes cause the server to hitch momentarily.

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