Star Citizen Is Free to Play Until October 30

Cloud Imperium Games announced today that their crowdfunded space simulator can be tried for free until October 30. Gamers interested in checking out Chris Roberts’ latest title should create a new account on the game’s website (or login to their existing one) and apply the following promo code: FALL2016

Players will be able to fly the powerful F7C-M Super Hornet ship during the trial period.


The closest to the Military load-out as is legally possible for a Civilian model, the F7C-M Super Hornet reattaches the ball turret and offers near milspec parts under the hood. Proving that two heads are better than one, a second seat has been added to split the logistic and combat duty, making the Super Hornet a truly terrifying mark to engage.
Gamers interested in this promotion should take into account that the Star Citizen Alpha Client requires at least 25 GB of free hard drive space.

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