Star Ocean: The Last Hope HD Remaster Coming to PC in November

Square Enix announced today that Star Ocean: The Last Hope will be released on PC on November 28th, with new full HD assets and support for 4K resolutions and keyboard/mouse/controller. Players will embark on an epic journey of discovery as they sail across the universe in a bid to search for humanity’s new home.

Continuing the tradition of the Star Ocean series, The Last Hope features strategic real-time combat, fusing evasion and offense with the Blindside battle system.

Gamers looking forward to trying out tri-Ace’s sci-fi action RPG should set aside US$ 20.99 (unless they intend to buy the game before December 12th, in which case they’ll enjoy a 10% discount, and will also receive a downloadable mini-soundtrack featuring music from the game).

Screenshot gallery:

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