Starr Mazer: DSP Early Access out now

Imagos Softworks and Pixeljam Games announced today that their latest project, Starr Mazer: DSP is out now on Steam’s Early Access program.

The game is a roguelike side-scrolling shoot’em up with massive bosses and swarms of enemies intent on destroying the player’s ship.

Starr Mazer: DSP costs US$ 9.99 (with a 10% launch discount bringing the price down to US$8.99) and the developers don’t plan on altering the price after the game is out of Early Access.


Game features:

  • Levels – Battle through nine Levels, across three intense arcade-style bullet-filled acts! Take the fight from the surface of war torn Thersa-CPIX to the Space Gate and up to the heart of the G’ell Super Ship; the Adamastor!
  • Recruit – Recruit a diverse team of humans, aliens, and a dog! Hand pick your DSP team before every mission using their weapons, stats and battle order to your advantage!
  • SK:ORE – The fight never ends with SK:ORE! There are no game overs in this battle! Use your SK:ORE from fallen enemies and Carbomite pickups to purchase a new squadron of pilots!
  • Unlock Pilots – Discover legendary pilots! Give your squadron an edge in battle with unique legendary pilots like Slimo, Bunny Killmaster, Don Thacker and many more!
  • Power Up – Power up your weapons for maximum destruction! Collect Carbomite from fallen foes to power up your primary fire or to fuel your super weapon!

Starr Mazer: DSP is a prequel to Starr Mazer, a Point-and-Click Adventure/Shoot ’em Up which got funded on Kickstarter back in 2015.

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