SteamDB leak confirms Mortal Kombat XL PC version (update: free beta weekend up)

Update: It seems that Mortal Kombat XL’s PC version now has a free beta weekend. Interested players can check it out here (click the green button that says “free” at the top right)

The beta weekend should last until August 29.

Original post follows:

Mortal Kombat X has a very troubled PC history, but it looks like that will soon be a thing of the past, as Netherrealm Studios‘ fighting game is about to receive is biggest update yet, dubbed Mortal Kombat XL.

Ed Boon, the game’s director, has been teasing Mortal Kombat XL‘s PC version for some time now (the update was first released on consoles, with the game’s development team saying that the PC version wouldn’t receive it anytime soon) but now we have hard proof of the expansion’s existence thanks to a SteamDB leak.

A previously unknown app indexed by the Steam app tracking website received a name change 9 hours ago, revealing that it was in fact a Mortal Kombat XL Enhanced Online Beta.


Hopefully this new release will be the Mortal Kombat X edition that PC gamers deserve, and not just another poor quality conversion, like the game’s first Steam launch.

The SteamDB listing suggests that this port has been in the works for at least four months, so that gives us some hope for a competent job.

Here are Ed Boon’s tweets as well:

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