Stellaris Plantoids Species DLC released

Paradox‘s Stellaris has received its first DLC content today, adding a whole new species to the 4X grand strategy space game’s universe. Interested Stellaris fans may purchase the new content for US$ 7.99 and will get fifteen new species portraits, new templates for plantoid civilian and military ships and new cityscape art.

plantoid_01 plantoid_06 plantoid_11plantoid_09

Owning the DLC also lets players face off against Plantoid AI opponents during their playthroughs of the game.

The development team has also published a blog post, teasing scope changes for the grand strategy epic’s next free update, codenamed “Heinlein”

Hello Stellaris fans! I hope you’re all having a lovely summer. The holy month of July is now over, and Paradox developers are slowly trickling back into the office, tanned and rested. Having just returned to work today myself, I just thought I would write a short dev diary to tell you briefly what is coming.

With the 1.1 “Clarke” and 1.2 “Asimov” patches released, we are now going to start working on 1.3, dubbed “Heinlein”. We previously mentioned Heinlein in dev diary 33, but we’ve since changed the scope for it somewhat. Ever since we released the game, we’ve received some fantastic feedback from our players, far more than we felt that we were able to address in 1.1 and 1.2. As such, Heinlein will be a patch focusing on addressing community feedback and implementing community suggestions.

Mind you, the change in focus doesn’t mean none of the things mentioned in the previous dev diary will show up, as we know several of them to be highly desired features. It just means we are going to adjust our plans to get some of the things we know that you want to you sooner than was previously planned. There will also be a small patch this week on Thursday, August 4th along with the release of the Plantoids Species Pack.

Next week’s dev diary will have more details about Heinlein. Until then, enjoy the August sun (or just sit inside and play Stellaris, I won’t judge).


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