STRAFE Gets Free Millenium Edition Update, Sale

Pixel Titans and Devolver Digital have just released a huge update for STRAFE‘s PC version, adding new game modes, mutators and gameplay tweaks. In order to celebrate this “Millenium Edition” the developers have decided to host a 48 hours sale, bringing the price down to just US$ 9.98.

Millenium Edition changelog:

New Game Modes (Steam Only): STRAFEZONE, a daily challenge mode, and SPEEDZONE, a week-long speed running challenge mode.

New Game Mutators: Added in 20 new unlockable game mutators including Rocket Arena (all enemy guns are rocket launchers), Traditional Mode (three lives to beat a locked seed), and Game of Guns (gun changes every five kills).

Gameplay Tweaks: Updated core gameplay with ability to save runs, more room variety in opening ICARUS area, new enemies, and a traveling merchant for more consumerism.


If you loved STRAFE® then you’re going to want to make sweet, slow love to STRAFE® Millennium Edition. If you didn’t like STRAFE® then you are a hopeless moron with poor taste in video games.

Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker

I reviewed STRAFE back in May, and while I had some complaints about the game’s balance and level design, I had a great time with it.

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