Submarine Action Title Diluvion Gets February 2 Release Date

Gambitious Digital Entertainment announced today that Arachnid Games’ submarine exploration and action adventure title Diluvion will be released on February 2nd for PC and Mac on Steam and Gamers interested in snagging the mysterious new release from the developers of Ballpoint Universe at a discount can take advantage of a 15% off preorder deal.

Set in a vast undersea world after a flood traps humanity beneath a ceiling of impenetrable ice, Diluvion lets players captain their own submersibles on a quest for riches and survival. There are nine unique vessels to command, each upgradeable with new weapons and specialized crew members to defend against hostile ships or other terrors lurking beneath the waves in real-time 3D combat.

But fighting isn’t the only key to staying alive; players will also have to manage food and oxygen, salvage and trade loot, collect bounties, and discover the depths of a dangerous world brimming with uncharted harbors, factions, stories and secrets. Captains can even build their own home bases of operation to shelter their fleets while growing in notoriety and wealth.

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