Supraland: Six Inches Under Coming in 2021

Supra Games revealed yesterday that the second DLC for Supraland will be titled Six Inches Under, and it should come out in 2021.

This new addon will have six main areas, and players will also find tons of interesting NPCs and puzzles to solve, in true Supraland fashion. According to David Münnich, the mind behind the franchise, Six Inches Under will take players an estimate of nine hours to complete (though this number is of course subject to change).

If you haven’t played Supraland yet, I urge you to try the free demo that’s available on Steam, as it’ll surely turn you into a convert (and if that happens and you buy the game, then I’d like to point out that there’s a DLC already out, and for just US$13.99 more you can have an all-new adventure in this crazy world)

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