Supraland Six Inches Under Gets January 14 Release Date

A lot has happened since the last time we talked about Supraland Six Inches Under, as the game went from being a piece of DLC to something a lot closer to a fully fledged sequel. Now, we also have a release date, with Supra Games releasing a new trailer and promising a January 14, 2022 launch for this highly anticipated title.

Supraland Six Inches Under will offer a number of new abilities, an 8 to 20 hours long campaign, and all new enemies for the combat parts. According to the main developer, there’s less combat now, and it’s been changed significantly from the way it was handled in the first Supraland, with the team aiming for more freeform solutions to encounters rather than a one-fits-all approach being able to just punch through any resistance.

Supraland Six Inches Under is a First-Person-Metroidvania. That means, you’re in a gated world and the more abilities you gather, the more parts of the world you can access.
– The gameplay consists of roughly 55% exploration, 40% solving puzzles and 5% combat.
– The adventure will take between 8-20 hours.
– Has absolutely zero skilltrees
– Hundreds of gags
– 2 funny gags

Compared to the first Supraland game:
– Half of the player abilities are the same, the other half is new
– The puzzles are simpler in the main path; hard puzzles are mostly optional
– There is less combat and all enemy types are new
– Much more optional content, a lot of it only accessible after the credits
– Almost all music was tailor made for the game while the first Supraland was using inexpensive, licensed music

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