Surprising No One, Death Stranding Will Come to PC in 2020

After being revealed as a timed PlayStation exclusive back in 2016, Kojima Productions‘ highly anticipated action adventure debut Death Stranding seemed to have become a full exclusive (at least according to certain fanboy circles of the Internet). Today, however, the Twitter account of the company laid those rumors to rest with the following Tweet, which confirms that the game will see a PC release in early Summer 2020.

While I don’t share the over the top hype that seems to be the norm for anyone talking about this game, I remain cautiously optimistic that Mr. Kojima’s studio will deliver something unique and interesting, as that has been my past experience with their titles under Konami. Oh, and we’ll be able to see Guerrilla Games‘ proprietary Decima Engine on PC, which should be a pretty cool thing tech-wise, considering the impressive results they achieved on console hardware.

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