Team17 Unveils Worms Rumble

Team17 revealed this week that they are working on the next entry in the Worms franchise… a real-time multiplayer title named Worms Rumble.

Yes, you read that right, Worms is ditching its turn-based gameplay in favor of more action packed real-time matches, including a battle royale mode, team deathmatch, and other popular game modes. The new game will also offer crossplay with PlayStation consoles, so it shouldn’t die too quickly. Still, it’s weird to see a Worms title that isn’t turn-based, and I hope this switch wasn’t someone at Team17 chasing the latest trends, because seeing such a storied franchise go that way would be heartbreaking.

There’s going to be a closed beta from July 15-20, so be sure to head over to this website if you wish to join the pool of possible candidates.

Worms Rumble will be fully-supported by ongoing, content updates featuring new arenas and customisations. Players will be able to level up their Worm and progress through the ranks, earning new weapons skins and character customisations, accessories and emotes as they go. Today’s announcement reveals some of the weapons making their way into Worms Rumble at launch later this year, including the Baseball Bat, Hand Cannon, Bazooka, Assault Rifle, and Shotgun.
Worms Rumble features:

  • Worms goes real-time: Every round is in REAL TIME. When enemies rain down fire, unleash heck right back!
  • Up-to-32-player, cross-platform multiplayer: Play across PlayStation generations and PC, with Deathmatch and Last Worm Standing solo and squad battle royale modes available at launch
  • Classic Weapons/New Ways to Play: Arm Worms with new and returning fan-favourite weapons, including the Bazooka, Holy Hand Grenade, and Hand Cannon
  • Events, Challenges and ‘The Lab’: Take part in seasonal events, daily and community challenges, and experiment with new gameplay mechanics and weapons in ‘The Lab’.
  • Player Customisations: Earn XP and in-game currency to unlock and purchase weapon skins, outfits, accessories and emotes. Players create their personal style for the battlefield.

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