Techland Unveils PvP-Centric Standalone Expansion Dying Light: Bad Blood

Fan of Battle Royale games? Lover of parkour and zombie action titles? Looks like you are in for a treat, dear reader!

Techland has just unveiled Dying Light: Bad Blood, a PvP-centric standalone expansion for their extremely popular open world action title Dying Light. The developers haven’t shared any screens or video footage with us, but they promise to retain the core of what made people fall in love with Dying Light (I think they are talking about the parkour system and the fast paced yet satisfying combat mechanics) while at the same time offering “violent and dynamic online matches that blend PvP and PvE styles of gameplay”.

According to the good people working at Techland, we can expect something similar to Kane and Lynch‘s Fragile Alliance multiplayer mode, as six players will be airdropped into a hostile, zombie infested area with the goal of obtaining enough blood samples to unlock a seat in an evactuation chopper that will arrive before night time. Samples harvested collectively (from zombie bosses that require cooperation between the human survivors) will unlock more seats, but each player must pay for their evacuation individually, so betrayal will always be looming in the future.

Our parkour skills will be paramount to our survival, as the city is filled to the brim with hungry infected and we need to scavenge supplies in order to gain an advantage over the other human players.

Our aim is both to satisfy players’ demands for competitive PvP gameplay and to explore new directions for Dying Light’s multiplayer experience. Since Bad Blood was inspired by fan requests, we want player feedback to be an integral part of our development. That’s why we’re inviting Dying Light fans to take part in our Global Playtest. They can play the expansion early and share their thoughts, knowing their feedback will have a major influence on Bad Blood’s development.

Tymon Smektala, Producer at Techland.

Players interested in signing up for the Global Playtest (a closed online event that grants selected users access to Dying Light: Bad Blood before release for testing purposes) should head over to this website and fill in their details.

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