Terminator: Resistance Developer Working on RoboCop: Rogue City

Nacon revealed today that they’ve partnered up with Teyon to publish RoboCop: Rogue City, a new title based on the first three RoboCop movies. The game should be out in 2023, so there’s plenty of time for anyone interested to wishlist it on Steam.

Teyon are the creators behind Terminator: Resistance, a title that while rough around the edges, showcased the developers’ passion for sci-fi movies of the 80’s in a very competent first person shooter package. We don’t have many details on RoboCop: Rogue City, but going from the Steam Store page tags, it will be a first person shooter as well, and apparently it will feature important choices for the player to make.

Become the iconic part man, part machine, all cop hero as you attempt to bring justice to the dangerous, crime-ridden streets of Old Detroit. Armed with your trusty Auto-9, factory-built strength, years of experience on the force and a variety of tools at your disposal, you will fight forces seeking to destroy the city you call home in an all new first-person, explosive hunt for the truth. You have the power to decide how to fulfil prime directives in your own way, but as the story unfolds proceed with caution because corruption and greed know no limits.

Prepare yourself to…


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