The Arcade Crew Reveals New RPG Beat ‘Em Up Young Souls

The Arcade Crew announced today that they are working on a new RPG-beat-em-up hybrid titled Young Souls. As readers will be able to see for themselves if they watch the trailer embedded below, Young Souls features a beautiful art style that sets it apart from most brawlers. The developers have also promised to tell “a profound story with unforgettable characters” so that’s also something that would set Young Souls apart from most beat ’em ups. The story comes from the mind of Matthew Ritter (who worked on The Walking Dead game, and the Nova Phase graphic novels), so I’m inclined to believe we’ll have a great time getting through this adventure.

The titular young souls are Jenn and Tristan, two teenager twins that find their lives changed after a good-hearted scientist adopts them and brings them into his Portsbourgh home. Of course, things aren’t always as clear cut as they seem, so our heroes will quickly be dragged into all sorts of adventures when they find a portal to another world hidden in the small port town. As expected from an RPG, players will get to massacre all sorts of foes while also meeting new friends along the way, and there are some nifty drop in/drop out mechanics that will help our heroes in their journey.

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