The Biggest Gaming Conventions to Watch in 2020

Every year, people from around the world converge at different gaming expos. This article has lined up the biggest ones to look out for this year!

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What to Look Out For in 2020

New Year, all new things to look out for and announcements to be made, but this year we can see some of the biggest in recent years. Some of the biggest things we can see are new console announcements, such as the long-rumored and teased by Sony themselves PS5, to the long-awaited Xbox Series X, formerly known as ‘Project Scarlet’. With a slew of new games and more, this is set to be an exciting year for gaming.

PAX – San Antonio and Boston

The PAX, or The Penny Arcade Expo is a great Expo to go to, in San Antonio, with another date in Boston. This is one of the biggest conventions to watch this year. With announcements and hands-on experiences with tabletop games, arcade and video game titles. So, when you are looking for gaming conventions to go to this year, take a look at the Penny Arcade Expo!

E3 (Electronics Entertainment Expo)

This is arguably the biggest convention in the world of gaming, convening every year. The Electronic Entertainment Expo is hosted in Los Angeles and is home to many of the biggest names in video gaming. This year is especially big with the long-awaited insights into the two most anticipated consoles of the last few years. Sony with its long-teased PlayStation 5 and Microsoft finally unveiled the long announced Xbox Series X, or formerly known as Project Scarlet. Both machines are promised by their makers to be consoles that will revolutionize and change gaming, with specs that have not been seen before. Other than that, many makers come together with new releases and hands-on experiences of previously announced titles.

Fan Expo Dallas 2020

The Fan Expo that is hosted in Dallas, Texas is another big expo you should keep your eyes out for. This event covers anything from gaming to comics and many different sci-fi events. As well as these, it is also a huge convention and meeting for many different cosplayers around the world to come together and discuss all the new developments for the year. So, if you do decide to attend the expo, you will be sure to not leave disappointed. The event is hosted on October 23rd to the 27th!

Tokyo Game Show

Hosted in Tokyo, Japan, this is another huge convention that is hosted in another part of the world. Hosted in the wonderful city of Tokyo, people can be sure to find some amazing new features in Japanese titles and games. There are also many anime titles too. With the number of people that attend it is definitely a challenge for anime con organizers but the end result is amazing. For a convention that is not in Europe or the US of A, then the Tokyo Game Show could be the convention for you!

Euro Gamer Expo 2020 

Heading to Europe, the next convention to look out for in 2020, or any year is the Euro Gamer Expo 2020. It is the largest gaming convention in the UK. Offering everything from tournaments, and different hands-on experiences, this is a treat for trying all the new things coming! Another reason why this convention is so great is that in 2018 they expanded to the lovely city of Berlin, so now more and more people are going and making it a rich community of like-minded people, excited for the new releases!


Staying in Europe, and more specifically Leipzig Germany, Dreamhack is another great convention! Focussing on different eSports and gaming tournaments. Also, if you are a fan of cosplay then you will not be disappointed. Many cosplayers come from around to the world to again converge and have fun! Likeminded people alongside new releases and fun hands-on experiences is the reason why this convention had to go on the list of top conventions to look out for this year! However, the good news is that is not the only location! If you are located in the US, then you will be pleased to know that Dreamhack also hosts a convention in Anaheim! So, when the dates of the convention get confirmed, get yourselves to either Germany or Anaheim and have a wonderful time. 

Tokyo Game Show

Tokyo is such a vibrant city, and that is the reason why we are back there! The Tokyo Game Show is hosted from September 24th – 27th. This show is sure to impress anyone who has a deep interest in Japanese gaming and anime titles. But, be rest assured that this show also covers many different international titles as well, so there is a place for everyone at this show!


Last, but definitely no means least, is the Gamescom! Back in Germany, this is an exciting new show and offers insights into brand new titles that publishers may have held back from E3 a few weeks before. Because both Gamescom and E3 are so close together, the same titles are released here instead of E3, to give them a good release cycle, and enough time to shine and be shown off in the best way. Often regarded as the second E3, this is sure to be one of the biggest shows that you should definitely come and see if you have an interest in gaming. Also, some details of new games released in the E3 convention get new exclusive details here. So, regardless of whether the games have been released or not at E3, you will surely be impressed by the atmosphere and the releases that this show brings year after year! 

So, that concludes this article! Every year the world of gaming gets bigger a better with all the new titles and releases. Obviously, to go to every one of these conventions would be near on impossible, but just going to one of these conventions this year, and you will not be disappointed!

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