The Cold War Heats up with Precipice, out May 1

Fancy a game that will test both your diplomatic skills AND your ability to infiltrate foreign countries and replace their rulers with your own puppet regimes? Then you might want to take a look at Precipice, a Cold War simulator that should be out for PC on May 1st.

I didn’t have to endure living in constant fear of nuclear missiles obliterating the world before my eyes, since I was born just a few years before the Berlin Wall fell. I guess that makes it easier for me to want to play a game like Precipice, which puts us in charge of a superpower during the Cold War, with the ultimate goal of coming out unscathed, and owning half the world in the process, be it through diplomacy or subterfuge. Remember, once the missiles fly, everyone loses.

According to the game’s Steam store page, we’ll be able to play either solo against an advanced AI that will observe our behavior and model its responses based on that, or versus a human opponent through the marvels of the Internet.

Tense strategy for one or two players. Face a highly-responsive, unpredictable AI that will attempt to understand your strategy and counter it at every turn, or invite a friend and see if you can collectively work to avoid global catastrophe online. 

World leaders from 72 countries realized as animals native to the region, all pawns in the dangerous game of nuclear chicken.

Manage resources from territories under your control to resolve immediate crises or win over future allies.

Recreate history, or forge your own path. Put a bear on the moon. The possibilities are endless.

Simple, intuitive gameplay that is also difficult to master.

Would-be world leaders will only need to spend US$11.99 of their hard earned cash to get their hands on Precipice.

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