The Culling Emerges from the Ashes of The Culling 2 as Developers Vow to Support Fan Favorite Battle Royale

(Dramatic voice) Out of the ashes of The Culling 2 comes first sorrow. Then; hope. “The only good Battle Royale is a first person, melee-based Battle Royale”. Would you like to know more? (I’m really sorry, but I NEEDED to do this Starship Troopers impression)

Remember when Xaviant released The Culling 2, surprising everybody with how quick it went from “hey, this is our new project” to “hey, this is out, you can buy/play it now”? Seems like that speedy release wasn’t their best idea, as the game was plagued by bugs and other issues, forcing Steam users to give it a “Very Negative” rating. Of course, negative ratings also meant that no one in their right mind was willing to play the recently released Battle Royale shooter, and a PvP title without players is dead in the water. Thankfully, the development team looked at the debacle with the right mindset, and they’ve now pledged to bring back the original The Culling, re-introducing the mechanics that debuted when the melee-based Battle Royale title first came out back in 2016, and further widening its appeal with a free to play release.

Customers who purchased the ill-fated The Culling 2 will be able to get a refund, no matter how long they spent beating each other to death in the game’s virtual world.

Starting today (July 20, 2018), owners of The Culling on PC will be able to download The Culling: Day 1 Reference (a rollback to the very first version of The Culling, available for free to all owners of the original).

Let’s hope this story of redemption will end well.

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