The Last of Us Part I PC Port Delayed to March 28

Naughty Dog announced this week that the highly anticipated PC port of The Last of US Part I has been delayed to March 28th. The developers posted an open letter on Twitter, explaining that they decided to delay the game because it needs a few more weeks in the oven so they can release it in a state that lives up to both their standards and players’ expectations for such a well-received formerly exclusive console title.

Considering that they could have probably chosen to launch the game earlier and bank on the heightened awareness surrounding the series thanks to the currently on-air TV show, this news is very good for PC gamers willing to wait a bit more, as it means that the port will be in good shape, and not a mess like other recent releases such as Forspoken or The Callisto Protocol. On the other hand, the game might face some tough competition, as the Resident Evil 4 remake launches the previous week, but hopefully there’ll be room for both on players’ Steam accounts.

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