The Steam Version of Nier:Automata Will Get Patched This Year Apparently

Nier:Automata got a Steam release more than four years ago, but even though it suffered from numerous issues, the PC port was never officially patched, and fans had to rely on mods to get it to work without stuttering or weird resolution bugs. A Game Pass for PC launch earlier this year further aggravated the situation once users found out that this version was a different port with some of the issues apparently resolved (though according to Digital Foundry that’s not exactly the case) and that led to a vast amount of negative reviews bringing down the game’s Steam User Reviews rating to Mostly Negative for the recent ones, and Very Positive for the all time score (if I remember correctly, this was one of the few titles that had an Overwhelmingly Positive rating before all of this started).

Apparently that was enough to get Square Enix’ attention on the matter, and the publisher has now confirmed via Twitter that a patch for the Steam version of the game is currently in development.

Hopefully the patch will fix the wealth of issues present in the currently available versions of the game on PC (and restore its Steam User Reviews rating to Overwhelmingly Positive, as the game deserved the old rating far more than its current one).

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