The Surge Getting a Sequel in 2019

Sci-fi fans rejoice! Deck 13 and Focus Home Interactive announced today that the former is working on The Surge 2, due for release in 2019.

Action lovers who enjoyed the first game will be happy to learn that its defining features (hardcore combat based on a dynamic limb targeting system and deep character progression) are set to return in the sequel. Deck 13 has been working on a number of engine upgrades, so The Surge 2 will take place in an all new environment, a sprawling cityscape that will highlight the developers’ penchant for ambitious level desing.

The combat system will also benefit from this new tech, getting more brutal and tactical with the addition of an expanded limb targeting system, more weapons, abilities, implants and drones that will give the player a fighting chance against the all new cast of baddies.

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