The Surge Getting Wild West Themed Expansion in October

Yes, you read that right. Deck 13‘s excellent sci-fi action RPG will get another content drop this year, and it will take us to a place that looks like the Wild West. What’s the name of this beautiful new expansion and when is it out? The Good, the Bad, and the Augmented (of course), and it will be among us on October 2nd. Yup, less than a month away, so keep those fingers ready for some limb slicing action!

According to the press release, the new DLC pack will be set in an abandoned CREO facility created by a mad doctor going by the name of Rischboter (sounds an awful lot like Richtofen to me, but I hope we won’t face zombies) in order to push the company’s technology to the limit. The good Doctor will make us go through hell in a number of test chambers that just happen to look like Wild West scenarios, and of course we’ll also have to face new enemies and obtain thirty new equipment pieces, ranging from armor, to weapons and implants.

Players who haven’t yet sampled the delights found in The Surge will be able to purchase all the available content, plus this Wild West adventure once the Augmented Edition hits on October 2nd

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