The Swords of Ditto Gets April 24 Release Date

Devolver Digital announced today that onebitbeyond‘s upcoming action RPG The Swords of Ditto will be released on April 24, 2018 for PC and PlayStation 4.

Revealed in June 2017, The Swords of Ditto is a “compact action RPG” that tasks us with bringing down a tyrannical baddie named Mormo, who seems to be the root of all the world’s problems thanks to her penchant for destruction. Instead of following the usual structure (hero levels up through side quests, then takes on the main bad guy), The Swords of Ditto is going for a more nuanced approach, where we’ll have three days to explore and augment our power through side quests, and once the timer is up, if we didn’t manage to take down Mormo, the experience gathered in our sword will be inherited by another hero (or heroes, since this game can also be enjoyed in two-player co-op), who will wake up from their slumber a hundred years later and take up arms with the same intentions as the previous one. Sadly, this will also mean that the world will have suffered a hundred years of constant warring and all around nastiness under Mormo, so we’ll have even more encouragement to bring her down.

Every new run will be different from the last, and as such, we’ll have to equip ourselves as best we can before trying to take on the root of all evils. The only thing that carries over from game to game is the Sword of Ditto, which acts as our main progression system.

The development team has been working on this title since late 2015 (which explains the short window between the game’s reveal and its release date), and PAX East attendees will get a chance to try The Sword of Ditto in early April.

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