There’s a New PUBG Game Coming, and It Won’t Be a Battle Royale Experience

When you hear the name PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, the first thing that comes to your head might be that it’s a really long and somewhat meaningless name… or that it’s THE title that started the battle royale craze. That might change in a few years though, as PUBG Corporation revealed today that Glen Schofield (of Visceral and Sledgehammer Games fame) is now heading a new development studio named Striking Distance, which will be in charge of developing a narrative experience within the PUBG universe.

Considering that Mr. Schofield worked on the Dead Space series before Visceral was sadly shuttered, and was last seen as a co-founder of Sledgehammer Games (where he co-directed two Call of Duty titles, Advanced Warfare and WWII), I’m actually quite optimistic about the prospects of this new PUBG experience.

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