Titanfall 2 Gets Free Multiplayer Trial

Electronic Arts announced today that Respawn Entertainment‘s critically acclaimed Titanfall 2 will get a free multiplayer trial to celebrate the release of the title’s first free DLC pack. The trial will start tomorrow, November 30 for Origin Access subscribers, and then it will be expanded to all users on December 2nd. Gamers will be able to play the multiplayer modes for free until December 4th, and all progress earned will carry over to the main game if they decide to purchase it at a later date.

Titanfall 2‘s first free DLC pack drops tomorrow for preorder customers, and on December 3rd for everyone else. The pack includes a remastered version of the Angel City map featured in the first Titanfall game, a cosmetic store, a new weapon and new Titan Kits.

3 thoughts on “Titanfall 2 Gets Free Multiplayer Trial

    • Yeah, it’s a pretty big game (36.9gb) so that’s a poor choice, especially when you consider that “normal” Origin users won’t be able to start their downloads until the 2nd, and the trial ends on the 4th.

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