Touchdown Mixes Overwatch and Football, Now on Kickstarter

Did you ever wish for a bit more action in your football matches? The kind of action that includes rocket launchers, grenades and machineguns? Looks like Hong Kong based indie team Ares Games read your mind then, because they have just launched a Kickstarter campaign for a competitive shooter/football hybrid titled Touchdown: Armor League.

In Touchdown‘s souped up, futuristic version of football, the battle for control over the ball is not just a matter of passing, tackling and scoring, as all players are equipped with heavy duty weaponry that can be used to rain down fire upon the opposing team. Every member of the game’s 6-man squads is protected by an armored suit which also provides massive firepower and enhanced mobility, crucial perks for anyone hoping to survive and/or score the winning touchdown. Matches last 15 minutes with no time for locker room visits, with injured players being forced to either wait for their armor to self-repair, or hunt down health kits on the field. Taking cues from hero shooters like Overwatch, there are different power armor suits which will provide useful abilities such as stuns, jetpacks or grappling hooks. Gamers will need to think carefully before picking their role, and they may also customize their power suits with mods that add more health, boost their armor, etc.

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According to the developers, the fast paced matches will still require teamwork and good passing skills, but unlike regular football, fumbles don’t stop the game and are instead used as ways to take away possession from the enemy team. The only ways to get the ball when an opponent is carrying it involve careful use of the stun ability, intercepting a pass, or destroying their power suit. Once the ball is in the air, players may shoot it, changing its trajectory and disrupting a pass, attempt to intercept it with a jetpack equipped power suit, or wait until it reaches its target and try to stun them instead. Matches end once the timer counts down to zero, and the team that scored the most touchdowns wins.

Gamers interested in picking up Touchdown and also getting invited to the title’s closed beta may want to take a look at the US$ 19 reward tier, which includes an exclusive wallpaper, a digital download of the finished game once it’s out, and closed beta access later this year.

Touchdown will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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