Trailmakers Leaving Early Access on September 18

Developers Flashbulb Games announced today that their sandbox building racer Trailmakers will fully launch on September 18th. Players who download (or update) the game on that date will be happy to learn that alongside the usual improvements for games that leave Early Access, Trailmakers is also getting a fully featured solo campaign titled Stranded in Space, which should last between 10 and 20 hours, and serves as a perfect showcase for the different environments that can be found in the game’s diverse maps.

Of course, launching out of Early Access isn’t the end of the road for Trailmakers, and the development team is already hard at work on more multiplayer modes, skins and vehicle parts that will be unveiled over the coming months.

Building a car, airplane, helicopter or walking robot is as easy as playing with blocks. Take your machines on exciting rally races, race them against your friends, or build the craziest contraptions you can imagine in our huge sandbox.

  • Build intuitively with modular blocks – it is easy to get started, and the possibilities are almost infinite.
  • Go on breakneck rally races with vehicles of your own making.
  • There is always something to do: Join the Trailmakers Rally, take on challenges, play in the sandbox, race your friends or shoot each other to bits.
  • Create without constraints in two sandbox maps full of jumps, half pipes, an aircraft carrier, catapults and other crazy obstacles.
  • Compete on the global leaderboards in rally and race mode.
  • Four player drop in drop out multiplayer game modes.
  • An active and growing community with tons of premade vehicles ready to test.

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