Tree of Life: Oddria! Getting Alpha Test This Sunday

OddOneGames revealed today that their new survival MMO Tree of Life: Oddria! will get an Alpha test on Steam on November 30th.

Players who can be present at some point during the 12 hours that the test will run for (from 6pm Nov. 29 to 6am Nov. 30 PST) should click on the tantalizing “Request Access” green button that can be found in the game’s Steam Store page.

If the Tree of Life name sounds familiar to you, it’s because OddOneGames‘ previous title had that exact name, and the developers hope to utilize the experience they gained from creating that survival MMO to make an even better game.

Game features:

  • Make your own village, anywhere
  • Player-based Economy
  • Be a friend, or be an enemy. That is the question
  • Gather resources and craft powerful tools.
  • Find hidden treasures all over the world.
  • Protect my village from enemies!

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