Valorware Is Remaking 9th Dawn, Adding First Person Mode

Now here’s some news I didn’t really expect to read about today. Valorware, creators of the 9th Dawn series of top-down open world old-school RPGs, are working on a remake of the first one, featuring all-new 2.5D graphics, a much more fluid action combat system and local two player co-op, among other things.

This (pretty massive) reimagining is set to launch sometime this year, and we can already peruse a Steam page for it, full of screenshots and details we’ll share below.

9th Dawn Remake is a massive open world RPG bursting with dungeon-crawling adventure. The game has been lovingly re-created based on the original 9th Dawn game released in 2012 … which spawned the 9th Dawn series you know and love! Experience a vast world filled with huge new dungeons, hordes of monsters, and ridiculous amounts of loot!

Following a strange disappearance of the local lighthouse keeper, you are sent on a quest to investigate an evil power stirring within the continent of Montelorne. The Castle of Maltyr calls the most powerful of monsters and poses a great threat to lands nearby. Become a champion by crafting and seeking the best gear, level up your skills and raise a mighty team of creatures to fight alongside you! – Are you the savior of Montelorne? Prove it.

Key Features:

  • Massive Open World: Explore over 45 new hand-crafted dungeons, each brimming with deadly creatures and loot.
  • Design your Build: Unlock spells and abilities, assign attribute points, and upgrade your equipment.
  • Raise Monster Pets: Hatch friendly creatures from eggs and raise them into powerful allies.
    Side Quests: Aid the villages of Montelorne by partaking in a range of side quests.
  • Loot and Prizes: Collect a vast amount of loot and fill your collecting journals for rewards.
  • Deck Building Minigame: Collect maps, level up your card champions, create an epic deck.
  • Epic Fishing Minigame: Take control of powerful worm-warriors and survive deadly waves of enemy fish.
  • Side Quests: Help the villagers around Montelorne to raise prosperity and earn rare items.
  • Craft the Best: Forge weapons, brew potions, and upgrade your weapons to become a champion!
  • A complete remake of the original game: With a re-written updated story, new and bigger dungeons, and more action-packed content!

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