Void Bastards Boards the Steam Train on May 29

Fancy some hot spaceship boarding action? Then you are in luck, because developers Blue Manchu revealed today that Void Bastards will be out for PC on May 29th, and it’s chock-full of boarding actions and narrow escapes.

Let’s see, we’ve got a ship full of prisoners (all expendable, because apparently no one has heard of the Geneva Convention in space) and a bunch of pods that are just itching to be launched against some derelict spaceship full of loot. There’s the small problem of the security detail that usually protects such spacefaring loot pinatas, but it’s nothing that can’t be solved through the application of force or ingenuity (or a mix of both!).

According to the developers, Void Bastards‘ campaign lasts about fifteen hours, and since the game uses procedural generation in some of its aspects, a new campaign should play out in a completely different way too, if we didn’t have enough the first time around.

If all of that didn’t tickle your fancy, may I direct you towards the screenshots featured in the game’s store page? Because they are way too pretty, if you ask me. I was kinda sold on Void Bastards based on its art style alone.

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