Volcanoids Getting Co-Op on May 20

Czech developers Volcanoid revealed today that their steampunk drillship adventure Volcanoids will be expanded with a cooperative mode on May 20th. This free update will let players able to form crews with up to four participants, with one acting as the pilot of the drillship while the rest work on other important aspects of the daily life of a steampunk explorer.

In Volcanoids you’ll take on an expedition to a forsaken island that you once called home. But sudden eruptions triggered by mechanical beings turned the wondrous place into an apocalyptic wasteland. In order to survive the island’s natural elements, you have to outsmart these creatures and capture one of their drillships. Use their own technology against them as you upgrade the machinery and reclaim your homeland.

This new update will also change the start of the game, making the new player experience more enjoyable and gradually introducing more advanced mechanics.

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