Vulcanoids Just Got a Big Combat Update and a Celebratory Sale

Volcanoids‘ steampunk island just got a bit more action-packed, as the developers released a Combat Update that introduces new weapons, enemies and tons of fixes.

In order to celebrate the occasion, the Vulcanoid team has slashed the price by 25% until January 25th, so if you like what you’ll see in the trailer I’ve embedded below, this week is probably going to be the best time to get your hands on the game for a while.

Patch notes direct from the developer’s Steam Announcement

Reworked Combat Mechanics

We went back to the drawing board and completely overhauled the way weapons behave and how you use them.

We added things like:

  • aiming down sights
  • recoil
  • bullet drop & spread
  • hit indicators, kill confirms (hidden in trailer)
  • actual projectiles (instead of hit scans)
  • and more…

All of these combined change the combat experience drastically.

Reworked Animations

All animations got improved and many were added to support the new weapon behavior.

New Guns

From what I’ve seen, the two most requested guns were:

1. something light with a high fire rate
2. something long-range

Based on that we decided to add the SMG and Sniper Rifle.


I want to address the aimbot first since it’s the most mentioned thing in reviews. There will be no more aimbot because the things mentioned above, now apply to COGs as well. One of those things is that they are now also shooting actual projectiles that you can see and dodge.

Every class and every tier now has its unique look, set of weapons, behavior, and sound effects (including voice lines).

Additionally, COGs now carry more than one weapon and can switch between them based on the situation (eg. SMG while attacking you, grenades while attacking your drillship).

They position themselves better. If a COG has a longer-range weapon (sniper, pistol) he will stay in the back but COGs with shotguns and SMGs will charge forward. Also if a COG is low on HP he will retreat to the back.

Last but not least, COGs can be knocked out/down for a few seconds, so make sure to finish them off before they get back up!

New Gear

You won’t have to pop medkits every 5 seconds during large fights now. 3 sets of armors have been added that will extend your health bar. With the highest tiered armor, you will able to withstand twice as much damage as you would without it.

New Turrets

Prepare to move some modules around because 5 new turrets are making it into the game!

  • 3x tier 2 turrets: The Mortar, Gatling and Sniper turret
  • 2x tier 1 turrets: The SMG and Shotgun turret

New Tool and Abilities

We’ve added an old-school defibrillator so you can electrocute your crewmates back to life and also the ability to armor up and heal them too. Teamwork!

New Sound Effects

Lastly, we added a ton of new sound effects and improved the old ones. From gunshots to seagulls on the beach, everything should sound much better.

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