War Thunder Adding a Chinese Tech Tree with Update 1.91

After years of saying that there was no chance of a Chinese tech tree making its way to War Thunder due to an excess of “copy/pasted” vehicles forming the bulk of it, today Gaijin Entertainment revealed that… a Chinese tech tree will become part of the game from the 1.91 update onwards.

If you are an outsider to War Thunder, dear reader, then I wouldn’t fault you for thinking this is unexpected behavior from the company that made one of the most interesting MMOs of recent history. For us veterans, however, this is just business as usual, since the things Gaijin handles the worst are communication, game balance and special events (with the exception of the recent Operation H.E.A.T. which was actually fun to play).

As you can see from the sneak peek we got above, the Chinese tech tree will indeed feature many vehicles found on other trees, such as the American M18. This is, of course, not an issue on Gaijin‘s end since China didn’t really produce many AFVs not based on foreign designs. As usual, real life gets in the way when it comes to semi-realistic videogames.

If you wish to access this new tech tree when the 1.91 update hits (which will also introduce night/thermal vision devices among other niceties), then you might not be surprised to learn that there are two ways of unlocking it, one of them involving a significant money expenditure, and the other involving long gameplay hours. What do I mean by that? Well, you can either pre-order certain packs that will give you premium vehicles ingame along with premium currency, or you can wait until the 1.91 update and grind for special ingame tasks that once completed will grant you access.

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