Windjammers Is Back with a Sequel, and It’s Coming to PC

The lack of Windjammers on PC has always been one of the biggest injustices in the gaming world. Thankfully, Dotemu seems poised to correct this glaring mistake, as they’ve just announced a sequel to the acclaimed disc throwing game, coming to PC and Nintendo Switch in 2019 (no news of a PC release of the original, sadly, even though it’s scheduled to arrive on Switch later this year).

According to developers Dotemu, Windjammers 2 will be a faithful sequel to the 1994 original, enhancing the awesome gameplay mechanics the game has always been known for and combining them with entirely hand-drawn 2D animations. Disc throwers who wish to take the action online will be able to do so, and a number of robust singleplayer modes will also be included for those of us who wish to practice offline.

Growing the Windjammers community over the past two years has been a lot of fun, and with that growth we see a great opportunity to continue to innovate on its timeless and fun gameplay. Thanks to that experience, we have a clear idea of how to make Windjammers 2 as fun and entertaining as the original.

Cyrille Imbert, CEO of Dotemu.

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