Windscape gets Early Access release tomorrow, August 31

Windscape, a first person exploration adventure set in a fantastic world of floating islands, will get a Steam Early Access launch tomorrow, August 31.

Discover the beautiful floating islands of Windscape. Sent out by your parents to run an errand to deliver goods to the local blacksmith in Sky Harbor, our adolescent heroine is not aware that the journey of a true adventuress has just started. While she is taking her first steps into a world behind her parent’s farm gates, she comes to realize that the floating islands have started to break apart and something apocalyptic is threatening the once so peaceful world. On her journey ahead she (and thus you) will need to gather, craft and fight while exploring a universe in the making.

The game’s developer, Dennis Witte, doesn’t want to make a cookie cutter survival game, so he’ll be using the Early Access period to gather information from early adopters and improve the game based on that. He intends to craft a first person experience similar to that of the Zelda games which were some of the classics that inspired him to develop games, and as such, his game will not force players down a predefined path, but it will instead have a non restrictive storyline.

For more information, check out the game’s official website.


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