Wonder Boy Returns coming to Steam this fall

CFK, a Korean game developer and publisher, has just announced that their upcoming Wonder Boy remake, titled Wonder Boy Returns, will hit Steam this fall.


Wonder Boy is a classic title that was released in 1986, by a company called Escape (Currently renamed as Westone Bit Entertainment). First launched on Arcade machines, Wonder Boy is a fast paced side scrolling action arcade game. The hero, Boy, is running hastily to save his girlfriend Tina, who is being held captive by the Dark King. The game’s fast paced action side scroller gameplay made it immensely popular at the time, and many ports to different gaming systems were developed.

Wonder Boy Returns aims to keep the classic gameplay, pairing it with a more modern art style. The original creator of the Wonder Boy franchise is supervising this remake, and the team at CFK has developed new stages and monsters to add even more value to this new version.

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