World of Tanks Is Coming to Steam in 2021

Wargaming revealed this week that World of Tanks will get a Steam release later this year.

Fans who are already registered and playing through the Wargaming launcher won’t be able to migrate their accounts to Steam, sadly. The good news is that everyone will play on the same servers, and that the Steam version is not gimped in any way.

This won’t be the first Wargaming main title to show up on Valve’s platform (I’ve played World of Tanks Blitz, World of Warships and World of Warplanes on Steam).

We’ve always wanted to make sure World of Tanks was available to everyone, so it’s a natural step that we welcome the Steam community to our family. Soon, Steam users will be able to enjoy the hard-hitting battles only our game provides, and we really hope they enjoy them!

Max Chuvalov, Global Publishing Director, World of Tanks.

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