World War Z Gets Free Proving Grounds Update

Tired of running around completing objectives and slaying zombies in World War Z? Seems like Saber Interactive has an ace up their sleeve to combat this kind of thing, as they have just released a new free update that adds weekly challenges intended to spice up gameplay with weird modifiers. Titled Proving Grounds, this update marks the end of the first season of free content for World War Z, though this shouldn’t be cause for concern as the developers are hard at work on a second season, which should add a new PvE mode and other niceties.

The weekly challenges can be found on a separate playlist featuring special gameplay modifiers (the press release mentions things like “all weapons are replaced with crossbows” or “players take damage if they are too close to each other”), intended to change the flow of the game in dramatic ways, upping the ante when it comes to difficulty and adding even more replayability to an already highly replayable title. Players who complete the weekly challenges will be rewarded with a new currency which can then be used to unlock new color schemes, headgear, backpack attachment and other character customization options.

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