WW2 Multiplayer Shooter Days of War out Now in Early Access

After a successful Kickstarter campaign last year, Driven Arts has just released their multiplayer WW2 shooter Days of War on Steam’s Early Access program. The title lets up to 32 players battle it out in realistic environments inspired by real engagements that took place during the Second World War, using over twenty different weapons. From the looks of it, this will probably be the closest we will ever get to a Medal of Honor: Allied Assault multiplayer re-imagining.

Gamers interested in picking up Driven Arts‘ WW2 shooter should take into account that the current US$ 24.99 price will only be valid for the duration of the Early Access period.

Grab your rifle and make those bullets count. Head back to the Second World War where combat was brutal, unforgiving, and required extensive teamwork.

In this competitive FPS, players need to fall back on their marksmanship, skill, map awareness and tactical cunning. Like in true WW2 warfare, combat in Days of War is brutal, unforgiving and requires extensive teamwork.


  • Classic competitive FPS combat marksmanship, skill, knowledge of the map and tactical cunning is your path to victory
  • Team based combat roles 9 well defined classes, over 20 weapons, each with distinct strengths and weaknesses
  • Realistic battlefield variety from tight city streets to wide open beaches, to foliage rich forests, all with a variety of weather conditions and times of day
  • Authentic WW2 warfare motion captured soldier animations, maps designed using photogrammetry, and laser scanned weapon models
  • Devoted community support dedicated server hosting and modding support coming soon

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