WW2 Shooter Battalion 1944 Gets February 1 Early Access Launch Date

Players looking for an alternative to Call of Duty on PC will be happy to learn that Bulkhead Interactive‘s Battalion 1944 is coming to Steam Early Access on February 1st. The WW2 multiplayer shooter will cost just US$ 14.99, and the development team intends for it to be on Early Access for a year.

Gamers who wish to get their hands on Battalion 1944 before February 1st should head over to this website and register for a chance to participate in the upcoming closed beta test, which will run from January 19-21. Kickstarter backers or fans who got the game on Humble Bundle will automatically gain access to this beta, as a reward for their continued support.

It feels good to get Battalion 1944 into the hands of gamers after working on it so hard. We’ve been testing the game behind closed doors with our Kickstarter backers. It’s now time for us to extend our testing to Early Access to help what I believe can one of the best competitive FPS games ever.

We’re going to be using the beta to run domination on the Manorhouse V1 map, as well as showing off our new competitive mode ‘Wartide’ on the map Liberation. It’s one last chance for us to test out our wares with FPS players before we make the leap to Early Access.

Joe Brammer – Studio Lead at Bulkhead Interactive.

The Early Access release will launch with six game modes, to be announced later down the line.

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