WW2 Tank Sim Steel Gear: Stalingrad out Now in Limited Alpha

Tank simulators aren’t dime a dozen, so the moment I rested my weary eyes on some Steel Gear: Stalingrad gameplay footage, I knew I’d found something interesting.

Created by a single developer, this new World War 2 tank simulator is now available in Alpha, but there’s a catch, as simulation fans who wish to take this early build for a ride will only be able to buy it from July 1-9, because the developer wishes to avoid straining the game’s servers too much (the Alpha build features both a singleplayer training scenario and a multiplayer map).

Should you decide to pick Steel Gear: Stalingrad, the limited Alpha (which will grant access to the Beta and the full game at no extra cost once development advances enough) can be purchased here for EUR19.99. According to the developer, the Beta will cost 25% more, and the full version will once again go up in price, costing EUR39.99 (once again, Alpha purchases get access to everything, so purchasing the game at this stage will effectively let us save 50% of the cost of the game). Do note that the store proclaims no refunds will be available once the user has downloaded the game files.

Aside from the 50% off discount, Alpha purchases will also come with two exclusive vehicles, the Russian KV-2 heavy tank, and the German Dicker Max self-propelled gun. Those vehicles won’t be available during the Alpha, as far as I know though (if I got everything right, the currently available Alpha build only features the German Panzer IV, and the Russian T-34 tanks).

I don’t think I’ll be biting just yet, but I’ll follow the game’s development closely, as quality tank simulators are a rare breed (or cost a ton).

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