Zombie Army 4 Just Got Left 4 Dead Characters as Free DLC

When it comes to zombie killing there’s few who do it better than the cast of the original Left 4 Dead, and Rebellion definitely knows that, as they’ve added Bill, Francis, Louis and Zoey to Zombie Army 4. The new characters are available for free today, and they accompany the launch of some more content for the the third Season of the game, which also includes a paid Season Pass.

Season Pass 3 owners will not only be able to play as the Left 4 Dead crew, but will also get access to extra content drops, such as the Abaddon Asylum campaign mission (which is the second mission of the Return to Hell campaign, also part of Season Pass 3) and a number of outfits, skins, and a weapon bundle.

Abaddon Asylum

Abaddon hope, all who enter the asylum! The nefarious Baron Umbra has been revealed as an occult mastermind, and hidden away in heavily fortified cultist territory!

Can the Resistance reach the asylum, stop the Baron and put an end to his evil? Or will the catacombs get a few extra corpses…

Behind enemy lines and…Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead’s Bill, Francis, Louis and Zoey join the Resistance in this free character pack! Download the free Character pack

M1940 SMG Bundle & Horde-loads of new content

Spray the dead away with the M1940 SMG Bundle, enjoy a new WWII Headgear pack and say ‘Tanks’ to your foes with an onslaught of Zombie Tank weapon skins!

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