2 Games To Keep You Busy During Lockdown


If you are feeling a bit bored during the lockdown, there is only one thing to do: start a new game! Read on to discover more about two of the best.

Destiny 2

There is only one place to begin, and this is with Destiny 2. In this game, you will assume the role of a Guardian. This means you are a protector of the last safe city on Earth. You need to protect the Earth from a number of different alien races. It is a thrilling and exciting game, which has received rave reviews.

This game has a lot to offer, which is why it is a great choice for the current lockdown situation. You can also spend time looking for unique armor and weapons, including gathering Vex-themed gear and constructing weapons with Eris Morn out of Nightmare Essence. The fun is never-ending.

There are Destiny 2 Boost services available. These are companies that offer in-game services for the game Destiny 2. They give players the option to play with the top 1% players in Destiny 2 to accomplish in-game tasks and acquire in-game items.

League of Legends

Are you looking for a new gaming experience? If so, League of Legends is definitely an option to consider. This is one of the most popular video games across the globe, and for good reason. So, what makes League of Legends so legendary?

With 30 million players to cater to per day across its worldwide servers, this battle arena video game constantly releases new visual updates and maps, so you are always getting more from the experience. You can also connect with players all over the world, further enhancing your gaming experience.

You can enjoy a number of different game modes when playing League of Legends, so you will never get bored. There are six tiers, starting from Bronze, which is the lowest tier, and then working your way up to Challenger, which is the highest tier and plays host to the top 200 players of any region.

You will be required to work your way up from level one until you reach level 30. This can take days, weeks, or longer, depending on how quickly you get to grips with the game. If you want to skip this and make it right to the top, there are services that enable you to create an unranked smurf account so you can do so. This also means that you can play alongside players that are of a different level to you, which is good if you want to play with your real-life friends. 

Finally, League of Legends also has huge in-game lore. Most people would agree that stories make gameplay ten times better, and that is where this game excels, with kingdoms, provinces, towns, and cities, featuring varied cultures and economies. From the Demacia royal family to their warring sworn enemy Noxus, you will go on a journey with these characters. Their personalities make the game much more entertaining, and you will enjoy a good laugh on occasion too. 

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