A Step-by Step Guide to Gaming And Drones

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Gaming is evolving and now bridging the gaps in new technological advances, and the opening of possibilities to up-level the development of new games and devices.

It’s hard to believe that it was only 50 years ago since the first gaming console hit the markets, wowing the masses. Gaming has grown exponentially during this time, with gaming becoming popular on smartphones, and digital devices, alongside the most avid gamers, preferred consoles that use large screens, offering an immersive and enhanced gaming experience.

Gaming has seen dramatic advances which now take gamers off the couch, to a more mobile reach. It has been partly due to NFC and ST innovative functions, and the development of new energy sources that do not need mains electricity.

In the ever-changing sphere of gamers and the gaming industry, the innovation of drones is now playing a more significant part in the development of new games using this technology. 

Drones are now becoming the new kid on the block, providing images already for the Oculus VR Headsets along with other VR devices.

The market is now wide open for news games integrated into this technology, providing gamers with a brand new experience. 

But will this make a big difference, in how we play these games?

Gaming will move to a whole new level allowing game developers to broaden their range of games and hardware.

As a new wave of games and gaming breakthrough, drones will partner as a valuable component and play a part as tools to develop new technologies for the future. 

There are companies like that of Drone n Base who offer gaming packages that enable players to participate in high-tech drone battles via VR technologies. 

New Developments

Drones enable video game companies to use hyper-realistic mapping as a component generating vast opportunities, capturing outdoor and terrain to recreate rich visuals for new hybrid games.

A large number of gaming companies are now collaborating to create the next generation of games, and gaming technologies that will supersede everything that has gone before. The future looks exciting, and the sky will be the limit.

New Remote Controls

The new DJI Mini 2 remote control stands out from the crowd, with easy attaching to smartphones, it is ergonomic in its navigation capabilities. Long battery life also ensures the safety and the ability to elevate capturing stunning images to a whole new level.

AR UAV Game Breakthrough

AR (Augmented Reality), UAV ( Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and collaborated with video gaming creators to create the first AR drone game, named Drone Prix.

The new VR game has been developed using DJI software, making this the first AR mobile app that uses aerial platforms, this allows new drone pilots to have fun and gain mastery, in a fully immersive journey.

In this high octane, game players can fly their drone through a virtual obstacle course, with prizes awarded when obstacles are accurately avoided. A leader board ranks participants and is linked to a global system for drone pilots across the world.

Oculus VR

One of gaming’s sensations is the Oculus VR it pushes beyond the limits to reveal an immersive gaming experience. The Oculus advanced virtual reality headsets are worth investing in if you want to stretch your gaming boundaries. The advances in the Oculus blaze a trail, with its stunning graphics and new world feel. 

Dive into an alternate reality that is evolving and taking on the following industries: Search and Rescue; Medical; Healthcare; Surgery; Disease control; Film Industry; Agriculture; Art; Tourism and Military and Defence. 

Take a look and click the following link to learn more about the general use of Oculus Rift VR in the global economy and environment to investigate a world beyond vision.

League of Drones

The Drone Racing League, began in 2019 offering a prize of 2 million dollars primarily to encourage developers to build new Ai technologies that work remotely with the ability to guide drones through a visual course.

In this arena sits The Aerial Sports League specialise in hosting drone racing events and competitive combat battles offering large cash prizes to gamers.

The League of Drones and The Aerial Sports League, are cracking open an array of games all in development, adding more scope to a diversity of undiscovered games and gaming platforms. 

Switching Things Up

Nintendo Switch have long since incorporated simulators, in a raft of Switch games, such as Farming Simulators and Switch Flight and Combat games are but a few in their gaming portfolio. 


A new game on the Switch roster of Christmas must-haves for young gamers maybe Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, which uses smart technologies to bring Mario and his friends alive as the virtual race car speeds around your house. Make sure the family heirlooms are safe and secure, as Mario darts around a circuit that your young gamer creates. They’ll have hours of fun with this leap into gaming of the future. 

Apps and Simulators

The apps and simulators offer an array of possibilities creating advances to enable seamless gaming opportunities that lift the lid on innovations and adventure into other smart technologies.

Here are a few apps and simulators you should take a look at when researching your options in drone technologies:

  • Air Magic – A fully automated app-enabled to analyse different aspects of images and photography with drones.
  • Hover – This app for drone pilots, incorporates everything you need.
  • Tesla Field Recorders: Offers advanced field for magnetic fields and metal objects.
  • Verifyis an instant on-demand drone insurance.
  • Drone Deploy – is a platform that digitally reconstructs the interior and exterior visual data, able to capture images from any altitude and angle.
  • DJI Drone Simulator: The DJI Flight Simulator incorporates drone technology as an integrated mechanism in their work, to support professional pilots using this software to create natural flying experiences.
  • Zephyr Drone Simulator: A simulator that is developed and designed around the concept of pilot education. It does this by offering students an expanding library of inbuilt modules and specific drone platforms.
  • DRL SIM 3.0 Simulator – An immersive drone racing game, primarily for consoles. The game features push you beyond the limits of drone racing, new worlds and realistic locations.

You can frequently crash without destroying your game plan and that drone. Become a first-class pilot and have fun on the journey!

  • Racing Simulator – Out of the numerous racing simulators – the SimXperience Full Motion Racing Simulator Advantage, will take you past your dreams to an immersive professional driving experience. It offers motion engine software; it is a perfect virtual reality platform, an excellent training tool for professional club racers, with the functionality of rear traction loss simulation.
  • Free-Flight Simulators: GeoFS is an accessible free flight simulator, a web-based entity offering a multiplayer platform, using global satellite images, making this not only a realistic experience but also fully immersive.

Be Air Safe

However you may think you can be king of the skies, you may run into a few obstacles if you do not register your drone. Being air safe is vital if you want to stay airborne. You must follow airfield regulations before you take flight with your drone, but more importantly you should also make sure you follow the drone code and register your drone with your country’s air authority.

The following safety apps below, will help to keep you air wise and air safe:

  • Drone Assist, a safety app by NATS, which is powered by Altitude Angel and incorporates a ‘Fly Now’ feature, dramatically reducing drone related incidents.
  • Air Maps uses real-time intel about your flight, linking with live traffic alerts and flight planning tools. The app also allows the operator to map the drones trajectory, reducing air traffic accidents and any potential hazards that may result in disaster.
  • Drone Scene layers data, providing operators with easy to use data and maps to reduce ground hazards. You can also monitor regulations in your location or the area you intend to fly your drone.

Creating Your Own Drone App

You don’t have to opt for any of the above you could consider creating your drone app. It may be a difficult decision to make, especially when you will have to decipher the complexities and the significant differences between large size drones that Amazon are considering, or a smaller range. 

However, the Amazon drones are to an extensive array of drone apps, as these types of drone only use specialised remote controls as a means of operation.

It is crucial to bear in mind that short-range drones often require a variety of functionalities in comparison to alternate long-range drones.

Short-range drones use WiFi pairing in apps, which offers greater functionality and is the most inexpensive when connecting to GPS platforms.

Therefore apps are not as expensive to create as most people think, eliciting the growth and interest in apps. You can try developing and building your app, that it is going to potentially assist you in generating your goldmine, leapfrogging you to open up the world to  a whole new dimension.

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