Are You Getting the Best Deals on Online PC Games?

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A report about how much gamers spend each month reveals that millennials, or people aged between 25-39 years old, spend $112 a month on video games. We buy new games, we spend money on DLC, and we also give money to streamers on sites such as Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, and Facebook Gaming.

Anyone spending that much money should know that they’re doing so in a way that is smart and making each dollar go as far as it can. Not all of those $112 may be being spent on the best deal that you can get, as there are several things that PC gamers can do to get more bang out of their buck.

Wishlist Your Favourite Games

Digital PC storefront Steam is one of the most popular place for buying PC games today, making developer/publisher Valve billions of dollars each year. A large part of its popularity is because of its regular game sales. An article about Steam sales by PC Gamer reveals that Steam holds all kinds of sales during the year, to celebrate Christmas, the Lunar New Year, and so on, also often holding publisher sales in which games published by a select company will all be available at a discount price.

Tracking these sales isn’t easy and, if it was, Valve would probably make much less money from people waiting to buy new release games. However, you can get around this by wishlisting the titles that you really want to play. When these go on sale, Valve will email you to tell you the new price. It may not tell you before a sale, but it does mean that you won’t miss out when its price does get lowered.

Use Aggregate Sites

On your own, it can be difficult to track when a game is going on sale or when there is an offer at your favourite online gaming site but, with technology behind you, it becomes as easy as pie. That’s what we’ve found from aggregate, or comparison, sites – which are pages that list all of the useful information you need to find your favourite online gaming site.The information offered on comparison sites can vary, for example, there are review sites like which review online casinos, and there are aggregate price sites like SteamDB, which track the price of games on Steam. regularly updates its reviews and offers something called casino of the month, where it informs readers about new offers such as no deposit bonuses and free spins. This time round, it revealed that LeoVegas is the BonusFinder Online Casino of the Month, and offered subsequent information about its sign-up bonuses – something you would have missed if you weren’t using the correct aggregate site.

Source: Unsplash

Visit Regularly

You may not spend $112 on online PC games every month, and there may not always be new games that you want to buy, but that shouldn’t stop you from regularly visiting online PC gaming stores. The Epic Games Store, for example, gives away free games every week, such as Ticket to Ride, Farming Simulator 19, and Horace. These deals aren’t available for long though, meaning you have to move quickly to get them.

PC is one of the best places to play games because of all of the deals on offer. There are so many bonuses available to you; from online casino bonuses to free games, just for being proactive and regularly checking up on the latest deals.

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