Computer on a Go-Slow? Here’s How to Speed It Up!

Like humans, once a computer is full of files, downloads, videos, images, and audio, it’s going to slow down a little. Many people wrongly think that once a computer starts to run a little slower, it is time to start thinking about replacing it, but in most cases, that just is not true. It may just need a bit of a clear out. If you are not entirely au fait with technology and how computers work, you might find this task a little overwhelming, but fear not, as there are many ways you can speed your computer up and eliminate the need to spend money on a brand new computer. Read on to find out more.

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Delete, delete, delete

As we mentioned above, if you are continually downloading or adding images, movies, audio files, and software to your computers hard drive memory, it will eventually slow down and not work as efficiently. Regularly take a look at the programs installed on your computer, and if you no longer use it, get rid of it! Even apparently small files will add up and deleting them will help to increase its speed. It’s really quite simple to uninstall apps, so make sure you learn how to do it and do it regularly.

There are, of course, some things that you won’t just want to delete, such as images or videos. If you have these stored on your computer, consider the following options:

Purchasing an external hard drive to store the content on. These are easy to use and relatively inexpensive to buy. They also have the bonus that if something was to happen to your computer, your memories and important documents are safe, and they can be transferred to other devices.

Upload them onto a cloud storage system. There are plenty available, and some, depending on how many files you want to store, are free to use. Again, this protects your data and means they can be accessed from anywhere. Dropbox and Google are two popular ones.

Reduce the number of programs that launch at startup

We all know the frustration of switching your computer on to quickly do something or play a game and having to wait for an age while it loads unnecessary programs like Spotify and Skype. It’s infuriating, but there is something you can do about it. Within each program, there is the option in the settings to turn off ‘launch at startup.’Make sure that you leave important software on though, especially anti-virus software, as a virus or a trojan will slow you down even more!

Install updates

Again, trying to do something and having ‘install updates’ notifications pop up on your computer can be mildly annoying, but we cannot stress how important it is to do this as soon as they come up. It shouldn’t take long – just a click or two, and your computer will automatically do any critical updates. If you are ignoring these notifications, that might be the reason why your computer isn’t running as well as you want it to.

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