EA Seems to Be Doing Everything Right With Star Wars: Squadrons

If back in November 2017 I told you that EA would be releasing a new Star Wars flight combat game, you would have probably told me to not even bother with it, based on the state Star Wars Battlefront II launched in. And yet, here we are, less than three years since then, and I’m as hyped as I could be for Squadrons, since EA is saying all the right things and have showcased a gameplay trailer that tugs at my nostalgic heart’s strings with gusto.

Seriously, just take a look at this (edited) feature list:

It almost feels too good to be true (please be true). No microtransactions, developers who are very obviously fans of the franchise, PC-centric features such as HOTAS/VR support, cooperative/solo modes for those of us who want to get some practice under our belt before duking it out in PvP… Am I dreaming?

Back in the real world, there is still a chance of Squadrons not being the dream game it seems to be, since in the lead-up to Battlefront II‘s release, people were similarly hyped by that game’s feature-set (full SP campaign, Arcade modes, Galactic Assault, the works). Thankfully, considering the state the Command and Conquer Remastered Collection launched in, I’m willing to believe that we actually might get the game we want this time around. Also, I doubt that Disney would let anyone who isn’t them screw up twice when it comes to Star Wars, so there’s that.

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