Four Big Advancements in Gaming

There have been many advancements in gaming over the year. It’s frankly jaw-dropping just how far it’s come and that even now, it’s developing at a rapid pace. Here are four big advancements that have happened in gaming over the year.

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Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is one element of gaming that’s come in most recently and has been stirring around in the technology industry for a while now. However, as more gaming systems adapt their games for virtual reality, who knows just how far we can go with this interactive experience. Being able to play the game physically instead of being restricted to a remote may have seemed light years away a decade ago, but it’s coming, and it’s not too far away. Virtual reality is likely to transform the way we interact with the world also, so it’s going to infiltrate more than just the gaming industry. Watch this space!

Voice Controlled Gaming

Feeling too lazy to turn on your games console by pressing a button on the device or on your controller? Well not anymore, now that many gaming systems are able to be voice-operated, this is just another example of how far we’ve progressed. So much in fact, that we can operate consoles and games without evening having to lift a finger. Computers have learned voice commands from the user, and this can control gameplay and interactions with social media and be able to search the web, all from the gaming system. 

Amazing Graphics

The graphics on games now are pretty unbelievable that some even look like scenes from a movie, rather than a game. From Madalin Stunt Cars 3 to the latest in Grand Theft Auto, the development of graphics is only going to get better and more life-like. The more technology and devices improve, the higher the quality will get over time and it will allow for a greater game playing experience every time it changes and develops. 

Mobile Gaming

One area of gaming that’s certainly improved over the last few years is mobile gaming. A lot of this is down to the mobile phone companies playing catch up with traditional game formats on consoles and on desktop. Mobile phones for a long period of time weren’t cutting the bacon when it came to graphics and quality of gameplay. However, as phones have gotten better with their spec, the visuals are now on par with most other gaming platforms. Being able to play on the move can bring a lot of enjoyment to those who play to merely pass the time. Its handy sizing means that it’s a suitable option for commuting and it has spread the love of gaming to the wider social community that aren’t hard-core gamers. 

Gaming has certainly advanced in so many ways, and it’s exciting to think about what could come next for the future of gaming. If so much has been achieved already, then it’s possible that a lot more is going to happen at a much faster rate, where virtual reality becomes the new reality.  

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